Businesses of tomorrow need to be built on balanced foundations: Empathy and pragmatism; foresight and insight; humanity and technology. We focus on wins for all stakeholders by being your most innovative and strategic partner

We see our clients as human, and we meet you where you're at.

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What if inspired productive people

were a result of how we do business?

Passionate about helping people go home energized, we believe in creating a world where happy and healthy people (one by one) collectively create a great place to live.

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Ask a different question,

get a different answer.

When we see people first, we start asking different questions and the decisions we make have

exponential impact.

Our vision is to help people unlock unrealized time, talent, energy and resources in their organizations with infinite returns.

How do we

humanize experience?

By placing humans at the centre of our business.

We design for human needs and the real world.

We build resilience in every experience environment - physical, cultural &

technological - to maximize human and organizational potential

we empower

great people and

great organizations to accomplish

great things

Thinking human first, being deeply curious, with empathy, we partner with you to analyze then design an experience that people love.

We strategize every capital invested, including time, talent, energy & resources in all Experiential Environments.

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Partnering with your organization to augment best practices and apply Design Thinking to the management of your organization's capitals.

We inspire new opportunities for your Employees and Customers - your People Experiences and help you maximize organizational effectiveness by Humanizing Experience in the Physical, Technical and Cultural Environments.

the result

  • Inspired Humanized Experience
  • Exponential gains, through productivity and growth
  • Maximized effectiveness leveraging your current capitals

Who do we serve?

We are passionate about people. Our clients are across all types of industry as our strategies adapt to their need. We have seen most of the business advisory out there competing for large enterprise as its much "easier".

The biggest risk in our economy and the global economy is the small business. They need the advice to become more resilient; unfortunately current trend makes advice very expensive and hard to access.

We see human.

We meet you where you're at.

LBR Experience is where Canadian Small Businesses come to realize human potential.

How can we help?

We meet you where you're at.

We work to help you achieve alignment between what you think, say and do, in the process building an organization positioned for long-term sustainable success.

We help you overcome your organizational challenges to achieve the results you want.

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Human Centred Discovery that begins with deep curiosity and empathy.

We meet you where you're at.

We help you on your journey.

We help you design, and action your plan. Your people's needs are at the heart of inspired productivity.

we inspire

productive experience.

we are humanizing cultural environment.

we are humanizing physical environment.

we are humanizing technological environment.


Mama no happy...

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Our story begins

with my kids looking at my face as I walked in the door, saying "Mama no happy." After a lifetime of designing performance strategies intended to make people happy… I was broken. The traditional systems have been designed to drain people.

So we set out to fiX it.

Starting LBR Experience and its group of companies, we are on a challenging journey. Seeing human first, humanizing experience, we are inspired, grounded in reality with infinite opportunities. We did the research, and developed the humanizeX framework. We now are able to launch, LBR Experience and can now proudly say:

we design

human centred business.

we humanize experience.


Founding Partners

Kalina Donald

Kalina is thought leader, a connector and a community builder.

The founder of LBR Infinity Strategies and its companies, for over 20 years she has passionately been helping organizations thrive by focusing on their greatest opportunity,

people’s experience.

She deeply thinks about inspired productive people and believes everyone can have a life where they go home with energy; healthy and happy.

Dennis French

Dennis is passionate about educating in all matters related to Health and Safety. The values and training that have been attained over the decades have enabled Dennis to be to be recognized as an Expert Witness for the Court of Queens Bench and a facilitator for numerous courses as well as

publishing articles in his field of expertise.

Dennis is a firm believer in utilizing proactive strategies rather than the more conventional reactive approach to business,

building design and operations.

With a passion for how buildings can be designed

to be productive and be a

Healthy Physical Environment for the Humans

Tiffany Elsener

Tiffany is an integral leader, passionate about Leadership Development, Coaching & Transformative Learning.

A Founding Partner of LBR, she has her Masters of Arts in the Anthropology of Leadership. For over 10 years she has been helping organizations thrive by focusing on

their greatest opportunity: the human experience.

How can you connect with us?

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151 West Hastings Street,

Vancouver, BC V6B 1H4

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